Frequently Asked Questions

What if I rent a tank?

In this case, you have the following option:

  • Change your Supply Contract to LPG UK and have guarantee fixed margin.

How often does the price change?

We change the price on the first of every month.

We reserve the right to issues sudden increases or decreases when market changes exceed normal market conditions.

What if I am under contract with another supplier?

Once you have decided to proceed with us you need to sign the NOTICE 1 document and return to us, and your transfer will be completed in a maximum of 42 days at this point your current supplier will inform us if there are any contractual obligations.

I have LPG left in my tank on exchange date?

This is not a problem as we buy the tank in situ.

What happens if you delivery more gas then I have ordered?

Because we use a third-party delivery agents the tankers which will deliver your gas will vary. Some will have automatic systems so the number of litres can be pre-programmed therefore the delivery will be exact.

Sometimes the tankers will be slight older and not have the modern systems fitted this can result in the litres not being exact, this will be invoiced and can be paid or refunded at a later date.

I own my Tank but have no certificate?

You would need to book an online engineer to come out and test your tank before you can order gas.

I think my tank is not cited correctly?

All LPG vessels have to be sited to COP1 (Codes of practice). If your tank does not comply to COP1 we will not fill the tank until it has been re-cited using our engineer but you would have to provide a new base and trench.

If the tank cannot be re-cited we will either cancel your contract or remove the tank and recommend a cylinder supplier.

If you would like a copy of COP1 please email

What happens to my old supplier’s tank?

We purchase the tank so nothing is physically exchanged only paperwork is transacted.

Who pays for the regulators and fitting?

When a tank is installed if it is a “Roll Over” from a previous supplier it is free of charge as long as the tank is being sited in the same location.

If it was a new install there would be a charge of around £350 -£500 depending on site conditions etc.

All the pipework in the ground would be the reasonability of yourself to put in and maintain. We can provide the pipe FOC for this job.

Can anyone fill My Tank?

If you have a LPG UK tank installed then LPG UK or a chosen supplier by LPG UK may fill the tank.

When should I order?

You should place your order when your tank is on 20%

How long does delivery take?

We work on maximum 10 day delivery time.(Unless extreme weather conditions Prevent delivery)

How much is default county LPG Tank rental?

This depends on which tank you have fitted.


  • 1 Tank above ground £63.00 per year
  • 1 Tank Underground £120.00 per year

I have run out of gas what do i do?

We do have a emergency 48hr deliveries but there is a charge of £100 and it does depend on location.

How do I pay?

All LPG is paid for by credit card and the approx amount is held on the card until delivery and then the correct amount is updated.

All tank rentals are paid by direct debit.